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NaDari Hockenhull Neo Classical Vocalist
"Music speaks to the soul in melody when words are inadequate," -Nadari Hockenhull 
Neo-Classical Vocalist
A Little About Me...

When I say I’ve been singing all my life I really mean all my life. I grew up in Pomona, California; I am the youngest of five kids, four girls and one boy. My mom said that my grandmother would check the roof the babies’ mouths when we were born to see if we had the “singers dome” as she called it. My mom said she vocalized with us as babes and we’d babble right along in tune with her. My grandmother was our first teacher, but I took my first formal voice lesson when I was twelve. Growing up we sang everything arias to the blues as a family.  We were known as the black Vontrapp family, "The Sound Of Music" was a family anthem.(LOL)

 With my background I guess it’s natural that I sing both Rhythm & Blues and opera. I gave up trying to choose one style over the other long ago. I just set out to learn how to pour my heart and soul into both successfully without damaging my voice. I am a Vocal Instructor at AMDA Performing Arts College and Conservatory spreading the passion for music. My studio includes students of a large variety of ages and backgrounds. The genres that my students perform and study include classical, opera, musical theater, r&b, sacred, gospel, rock, country, and jazz. 

I sing because I can’t help myself I can’t keep silent. I am always singing along with a great melody. The desire to share my voice is like fire in my bones at times. If I am not singing I am not myself. Music is a big part of my life; my husband and I are raising our children to have a great love and respect for the arts. 

When I perform my goal is to connect with my listeners’ on a deeper than words level and speak to their soul. People go through such  challenging times without an outlet. Music is very therapeutic. I love songs that energizes you. Click here to listen
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